Romantic Things to Do in Los Angeles for Couples

From horseback riding in the mountains to dining on the patio by the ocean, Los Angeles can be a very romantic city when you want to be one. Look, it's not Paris or Venice, but it can be just as romantic with the right activities. Having that sentimental mood can take a bit of effort, though, so we've reviewed the city's best restaurants, date and getaway ideas to bring you the best romantic things to do. All that said, it's time to light some candles and make plans for these romantic things to do in Los Angeles.The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Garden is a must-see for couples looking for a romantic day out.

The exterior parts of the library, museum and gardens are so spacious that they rarely feel crowded. The rose garden, which usually blooms, is a must, as are the rest of the exquisitely themed gardens, in particular the desert, the Japanese and Chinese areas. For a truly magical experience, head to Joshua Tree. This desert landscape surrounded by arid mountains is ideal for leisurely walks, a variety of hikes and countless climbing opportunities.

It's also home to some of the region's most notable stargazing spots, best enjoyed for a night at one of the national park's most sought-after campgrounds (but never mind the sound of wild coyotes howling in the middle of the night).For a romantic beach experience, head to El Matador. Small, beautiful and dominated by rocky outcrops, El Matador is easily the county's most picturesque piece of coastline. It is particularly impressive around sunset, which peeks in and out of the numerous coves. Just make sure you wear shoes and don't bring too much equipment (Malibu's western beach can only be accessed via a steep, steep trail from a paid parking lot).

Oh, and watch out for high tide when the sand is too high.For an unforgettable dinner experience with stunning views, head to 71 Above. This restaurant supports its height and attractive design with a tasty fixed-price feast of poached oysters, agnolotti, steak tartar and scallops. Try the bar to sit in front of the sunset and look for a couple of tables pushed to the edge of the windows.For an exclusive rooftop experience with stunning views of Malibu's coastline, stay at Surfrider Hotel. This privileged and discreet hanger is only open to hotel guests and is a perfect spot for a cozy breakfast while watching the sea cape burn or having a drink overlooking the ocean.

Off-site, make sure to take advantage of loaner beach equipment and a Mini Cooper that you can borrow to navigate the canyons.For an oasis at the foot of the mountains with plenty of romantic activities for couples, head to Ojai. Small hotels like Hummingbird Inn offer a charming stay for couples as does Ojai Valley Inn. Take a hike, enjoy a spa day, walk through an orange grove or wine tasting - whatever you choose, Ojai is ready for romance.If wine tasting is your thing then consider venturing into Santa Ynez Valley or jumping between tasting rooms in Santa Barbara. There are candlelit corners everywhere and rooftop saltwater pools with pretty perfect views.For classic romantic views overlooking Los Angeles' glistening expanse below head to Griffith Park.

On summer weekends don't expect it to be as empty as in La La Land so off-season weekdays are definitely recommended as is the charming planetarium show inside the Art Deco monument.For an elegant (and expensive) beach retreat that will make you feel like rock stars head to Chateau Marmont. Every room here is a villa or suite but surprisingly it's no more expensive than other luxury hotels in the area. At least take advantage of its lush gardens which are intimate and perfect for a romantic stroll or dinner in Cavatina's romantic courtyard.For one of LA's most unique activities for couples head to Melrose Rooftop Theater. This outdoor movie theater offers classic films with food trucks on site and blankets provided.Finally budget-conscious couples can enjoy LA's beautiful beaches fantastic parks and more all with no admission fees.

You might even bump into some celebrities along the way. And if you're feeling lucky why not try your luck at getting tickets for one of LA's many TV shows recorded in front of live audiences?.

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