What to Do in Los Angeles Today?

Are you looking for something to do in Los Angeles today? From free and cheap concerts, screenings, shows, parties and more, there's something for everyone. We've rounded up the best of the city and put it all in one place for you. Whether you're looking for last-minute plans or planning ahead, discover the best things to do in Los Angeles today. Sometimes you make plans to go out months in advance.

Other times, you are left fighting for plans in a few hours. Consider this your social emergency savior for those situations. Keep busy no matter what day it is with these things to do in Los Angeles today. On the other hand, if you're a little more of a planner, you can also check out our calendars to see what to do this week and weekend, as well as our monthly summary of events below.

Look for this year's new retailers, including B'ivrit, Cali Dumpling, Chimmelier by Hanchic, Happy Ice and Say it Ain't So. And during the summer, make sure to take advantage of Ice Cream Alley, a seasonal assembly of 10 candy vendors. This lesser-known film festival celebrates more than five decades of screening classic films.Enjoy a five-day program of old and rare silent films and short films screening at the Hollywood Legion Theater. Masters of Rooftop Outdoor Movie Viewing Have Returned for Another Screening Season in Downtown Los Angeles.

Known for its excellent movie options and a constant supply of snacks and beverages, Rooftop Cinema Club is your stylish, comfortable and less stressful alternative to other outdoor movie screenings. You don't even need to bring your own camping blanket or chair. Rooftop Cinema Club provides you with your own comfortable garden chair, as well as blankets on request for the ultimate cosy experience.And instead of listening to the movie through speakers, you'll have a set of wireless headphones so you don't miss a word. Art returns to the galleries on the first floor of the Marciano with this Gagosian exhibition of works by Swiss artist Urs Fischer.

You'll find the digital sculptures, described as a “collision of things”, displayed on huge screens in the theater gallery, as well as objects found in the lobby.See our section below to see which museums offer free admission and when. In addition to all the great free attractions we listed in our Top 10 section, there are plenty of museums and other attractions that you can visit for free at least once a month. For a full list of the best museums and attractions in Los Angeles, check out our top things to do in LA post.The Broad Art Museum in downtown Los Angeles presents a vast collection of pop and contemporary art. With an art collection dating back to the Middle Ages, the Getty is one of the best art museums in Los Angeles.Downtown Los Angeles often has a bad reputation, and while it has its share of problems, there are still plenty of great spots to explore there.

My favorites are the Broad Museum for its modern art, Skyspace for its glass slide and stunning views, and the Grand Central Market for all its fun restaurants. Here's a post I made at all my favorite spots in downtown Los Angeles.The Griffith Observatory is probably my favorite spot in Los Angeles. The views from the observatory are incredible with the Hollywood sign in one direction and downtown Los Angeles in the other. Of course, the observatory is also amazing to explore, as it's free to enter and has lots of fun exhibits.I've been here dozens of times to watch the sun go down and explore, and I always love coming back.

The Hollywood sign is probably the most iconic part of Los Angeles and something that everyone loves to see when they visit it.There are many great places to see the sign, such as Hollywood Lake Park, but if you really want to experience it, consider hiking to it. The walk is steep if you take the Tree of Wisdom Path, but it gives you great views of Los Angeles and allows you to get as close to the sign as you're allowed.As one of the most historic districts in Los Angeles, Olvera Street was founded in 1781 and is a great place to explore. It has some nice restaurants and a fun central shopping area, but the main reason to come is for the Day of the Dead (Day of the Dead) festival every October.The festival has been running for more than 30 years and is a celebration of life with murals, dancers, a procession and face painting. Amie and I have been there a few times and always enjoyed visiting and experiencing it.The Echo Park area of Los Angeles is an up-and-coming spot with great restaurants, shopping, and a decent-sized lake right in the middle.

It's a fun place to hang out on a warm day, and you can get out on the water by renting a swan boat if you want to go for a walk.The area also has the Time Travel Mart which is one of my favorite stores and excellent food such as Masa's pizza and its fantastic bread pudding with croissant. It's one of those areas that I keep coming back to explore more.Like the Hollywood Bowl watching a Dodger game is a must-see attraction in Los Angeles. Just driving through the parking lot to the stadium you'll enjoy iconic views of downtown Los Angeles and the historic stadium has been there for nearly 60 years.

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